As a self confessed cushion addict I take my cushions and soft furnishings very seriously! Owning my own business as not only an Interior Designer and now the proud owner with my partner of Design Den Down Under "uniquely curated" stunning OUTDOOR CUSHIONS  hasn’t exactly helped my OCD (obsessive cushion disorder) but it has certainly made going to work a happy place.

They may seem just decorative to the majority however never underestimate the power of the humble cushion. Carefully selected, they can pull a room together, refresh a tired space, or seasonally update furnishings…and like a new handbag, they’re the interior equivalent of a quick pick-me-up! Love that.

Soft furnishings are an essential part of any interior design project. They can create a variety of different looks to provide comfort, warmth, luxury and coziness to your space as well as adding a "BIG WOW FACTOR'. Actually, fabrics are one of the core important key elements we use for every decorating projects, pairing together and selections are critical as all fabrics have their own personality. They can be used to create major focal points within the home or they can subtly underline a design scheme with colour, pattern and texture.

We use soft furnishings as a way to add, colour, gorgeous textures to a room. They are also a brilliant way to make the space feel more lived in and help to create a sense of flow between different living areas of your home.

Softly does it!

Poly fill inserts for cushions is an economical choice. many cushions are sold this way but it can make your cushions look stiff. I personally love for a natural softness and the right degree of squishiness, feather & down fill is always the best AND it will makes your cushions look expensive! If you have existing cushions that you love, try buying new feather inserts one size larger that the actual size of the cushion cover to bring on a totally different look.


Well first of all think pattern, texture and shape with decorative cushions - mixing up patterns in the same colour palette, adding a variety of texture and layering with different shapes will keep it interesting. For a master bedroom, king size I would usually have 5 signature cushions on the bed along with two standard pillows and euros if you have room. Best not to take up half the bed with decorative pillows and cushions as, apart from stowing them when they are not resting on the bed, it can and probably will drive your husband and partners mad.

If you are going to have your cushions custom made, after selecting your fabrics of choice, start labelling each of them and carefully deciding which one will go where and get a feel of how little or more is needed for the room. A great place to start is by placing the sample fabrics on a sofa or in the space your scheme will be going. You will be surprised at the inspiration you will receive from looking at them at different times of the day. Remember timeless stories and continuity will always win in the end and last over the latest trends that come and go.

So many woman today wish for a hotel style feel to at least one of their rooms in the home usually their bedroom which becomes A SANCTUARY.... Let's face it, how many of us feel great when we stay in a beautiful 5 star hotel, everything works, and you feel like a millionaire dollars surrounding yourself in luxury!I .


While you are creating your fabric scheme think where each fabric will go, bedroom, study formal living, informal family, and try to visualise the overall look.

In living spaces, cushions should complement the style of your sofa, picking up colours in the fabric and the room. Pulling the look together is no easy task, but that’s what cushions do best, apart from making Interior designers very happy. In terms of numbers, keep it simple and don’t overcrowd seating areas. If you have to remove cushions to sit down on a sofa then clearly you need to rethink the numbers.  I recommend three or four cushions for a three seater sofa, two or three for a two seater sofa and one for an armchair unless its a stand alone statement.



Every fabric sample should have a label at the back that will show if that particular fabric is suitable for a window treatment and or upholstery too.
Also look at the fabric composition and how many rubs is indicated. To be able to understand the later, is important in order to see the durability and suitability of a fabric. Sometimes you will find some little icons or other time a rub number. The rub number will indicate if a fabric is suitable for decorative purposes only, usually then less than 10,000 rubs for light domestic, 10,000 to 15,000 rubs for general domestic. If you need fabric for heavy duty then you may have to look at 25,000 to 30,000 rubs.


There are millions of cushions on the market for all budgets, shapes and sizes. I call them the cherry on the cake. 

But despite all of this though, the one most advantageous benefit of using soft furnishings in a space, we believe, is the sensorial experience of it. Touch, being one of the more underrated senses, is what helps us find a connection with the things and people around us. The intimacy, sensitivity, and attachment is probably one of the reasons why we feel that sense of satisfaction coming back to our “home sweet home” at the end of the day. Experiment with different sizes too. Try and use a mix of large and small cushions with various textures and you will see how quickly your space will be lifted. Throws are good way to use soft furnishings as another extra piece in your space, theres nothing nicer than cuddling up in a gorgeous faux fur throw and the animal print will be sure to pop the WOW FACTOR onto the sofa...


Potted plants have the ability to transform any space - indoors or out - and the larger they are the more attention they demand. If you're looking to make a statement at the entrance of your home, fill an empty corner indoors or bring your outdoor space to life, a large plant paired with a stunning oversized pot is worth the investment.

When choosing the perfect pot for your plant, work to the proportions of your plant but go for a pairing that works visually more than anything. Consider the mood you want and where the pot needs to sit in the room for optimum conditions for the plant. "There are no rules," says artist Christina McLean , who hand throws all of the pots and planters she sells – making each one unique. "It depends structurally on the look of the plant – play around with different combinations until you find a good match."

Outdoor living spaces are also so important because it's where we relax, entertain our family and friends or have a little nanna nap after a long working week.

At Design Den Down Under, we provide the highest quality outdoor cushions where all the designs have been uniquely curated for you so its a no brainer! All our outdoor cushions are sun, mould and water resistant and if well taken care of, you have for many years to come.