Have you ever been on a vacation and wished you could bring the outdoor furniture inside? We have, too!

That's why we created Design Den Down Under, an outdoor-inspired line of weatherproof cushions and homewares that are sure to make your home feel like a tropical paradise.
We've taken our favourite outdoor fabrics and transformed them into cushions that can seamlessly transition from indoor use to outdoor use. Our textured fabrics are designed to withstand the elements while still maintaining their designer look—so when you're ready to go back inside, your living room will still be decked out beautifully!
We have a range of different styles, including colour, neutrals and contemporary. They are available in different combinations, so you can easily match them to your decor.
Our outdoor cushions are designed and manufactured here in Australia, and they are made from quality materials so will last for many years with a 3 year warranty.
Design Den Down Under is committed to providing stylish, weatherproof cushions for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re looking to add an extra touch of comfort to your outdoor living space or want something stylish for your living room, we have exactly what you need.