Who doesn't love to relax outside? Good weather and a cool breeze are the perfect ingredients for a day spent in the great outdoors. But what about all those cushions that you've left out on your boat, outdoor furniture, by the pool or in your backyard?

The sun and rain can do a lot of damage to outdoor cushions, so it's important to take care of them. You spend a lot of money when purchasing good quality cushions so proper care needs to be taken for longevity. Here are some easy tips to help protect your outdoor cushions from the elements:

1. Keep them clean! Make sure they're clean before putting them back out again by washing them off with cold water and mild detergent letting them air dry completely before storing away until next season. Do not dry clean!

2. Choose fabric engineered to protect against fading caused by UV light exposure (it will also help keep your cushions looking fresh!). Look for fabrics that are environmentally friendly, UV resistant, free of harmful chemicals, stain & moisture, mould & fade resistant.

3. If you're not using them anymore during the colder months, make sure they are clean and dry and then store them somewhere protected where they won't get wet or damaged while resting in storage during winter months.